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Hi my name is Robyn Bongiorno  I am a mother of 3, an in- home Day Care Provider and a longtime resident of Chelmsford.  I have a background in dance and have been enjoying taking and teaching ballet for several years. I love to incorporate this creative expression through my yoga classes.  I have been teaching Children’s Yoga since 2011 and have recently begun teaching adult classes as well! 
I enjoy teaching the younger children very much as they are little sponges and pick up every little yoga trick! They always bring a smile to my face! I look forward to sharing my love of Yoga with you and your children!

What people are saying about Class with Jenny...

Jenny Smyth is a true yogini!  She has a very calming way about her teaching.  She makes me think more about myself and less about what everyone else is doing in class.  Jenny’s instructions are clear, easy to understand, and easy to follow.  I have become stronger, more flexible and less tense in my practice.

I have extended my practice with Jenny to include one-on-one sessions.  Through invigorating walks in the forest, snowshoeing and private mat work, I have enjoyed a yoga experience that reflects my human journey in the world.   Jenny has inspired me to become an empowered person in this world and I have found a place of joy and growth both physically and spiritually.

Jenny has a unique gift in yoga that is a blend of possibility and practicality, which she shares unconditionally.

-Dottie H.

Jenny, I am writing to express my thanks for today's class.   I enjoy your classes and the information you share with us!   I ALWAYS feel healthier when I regularly attend your Monday and Wednesday morning group sessions.  My blood sugar is in better control and I think I am a better human being when I practice breathing in the yoga tradition.

I should mention, too, the camaraderie so prevalent in your morning groups.  We all care about each other's triumphs and challenges.  It's a great way to start the day!

Sincerely, Grace M.

I’ve been with Jenny Smyth Yoga for 8 years and have rarely missed a class. Her knowledge, spirit and joy have become an indispensable part of my week, as have the wonderful friends I’ve made there. Jenny doesn't "instruct", but guides us to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

- Brent H.

Jenny Smyth Yoga, LLC

Come and try our Gentle Yoga Class…great for stretching and loosening muscles while helping our bodies move with comfort and balance.  Jenny is also great at helping us develop good breathing that strengthen our bodies ... all while having a good time!
-Barbara L.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my yoga class with Jenny Smyth!  She’s a great yogi, and is ALWAYS gentle and kind with us.  She has a great personality, and we have a lot of fun in class.  I always feel very comfortable, and the class is unpretentious!   She will give you individualized instruction during class, if you need assistance getting into any of the multitude of positions we do.  I’ve been taking yoga with her for over 3 years now!  It has helped me to be more flexible.  My joints and muscles are no longer stiff, when I get up from the couch, etc.  All of the stretching makes my overall body feel GOOD!
Thank you Jenny!

-Sue H.

 Thanks so much for another selfless yoga experience Jenny - we are so very blessed!!


Jenny's compassion shines through as she encourages yogi's along their paths. Sometimes things get near hilarious as Jenny is not one to mince words sharing her unique perspectives from her humble place of authenticity. Taking a loving kindness perspective towards spirituality. Caring enough to practice compassion and loving oneself to fill your heart is one of Jenny's many inspirational messages. Finding your true happiness, planting the seeds and nurturing yourself each day, as the seeds we sow grow and blossom so does your happiness.
Jenny Smyth holds a BA in Psychology from UMass Dartmouth and teaching certifications in YogaFit's Foundation Yoga, Seniors & Chair Yoga, YogaLean, YogaSweat, Yoga Nidra as well as Prenatal Yoga, Meditation, Chakra exploration and Reiki. Jenny is a certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher. Visiting Kripalu yearly, Jenny brings back knowledge and inspiration to share with her community. Having practiced Yoga for over 20+ years Jenny is happy to share her passion and the possibilities that Yoga can bring with her students, friends and family.
Once you start attending classes and get to know Jenny you will learn of her "other" passion....Healthy Whole Foods and
Seasonal Cooking!!
Sharing delicious dishes, recipes, scrumptious home made cookies and other treats are common place in Jenny's classes.  Jenny's cooking is another way to be inspired and nurtured as you venture on your healthy lifestyle journey.

Karen Leonard CIHC
 As a Holistic Nutrition Health Coach my passion is helping people create a life they love by adopting healthy eating & lifestyle habits in a way that is flexible, fun & free of denial & guilt.  Typically, my clients lose weight while gaining energy & a feeling of empowerment to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. After spending 25+ years in the corporate world eating the Standard American Diet of processed foods washed down by coffee & soda I found myself with 20 extra pounds, allergies, digestive issues, insomnia, & low energy.  My quest to reclaim my health and vitality led me back to the healthy, whole foods of my childhood while I also devoured all the nutrition information I could find.  I realized the importance of physical activity and self-care in nurturing my body, mind & soul.  By adopting these healthy habits my symptoms and excess weight disappeared!  I gained energy, vitality & joy while realizing my true life calling!  I wanted everyone to experience this feeling, so I committed myself to helping others achieve their own unique fully nourished life!  I received training & certification at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City and the International Association of Health Coaches.  I offer personalized private and group coaching and education programs. 

 Tina Silungwe
•Licensed Massage Therapist• 
Tina brings over 10 years of experience specializing in Deep tissue and Swedish Massage. You will find Tina joining a yoga class or riding bikes with her kidos on Freeman Trail.
Tina is sharing space with Jenny at 3 Littleton Road.
Let Tina know that Jenny sent you for a Yogi Special Massage. 
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