Memorial Weekend Yoga Classes- 

Friday Night Partner Yoga 7PM

 Sunday Glorious Morning Yoga 9AM

* No classes on, Monday, Memorial Day

  Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga Friday May 24, 7pm

Bring a friend or not, this class will be super fun! Yoga with a partner makes many poses more accessible, comfortable, therapeutic and FUN! Hold on...balance better...hold longer...increase strength, flexibility, communication...Neither of you has to be super flexible or fit...just a desire and curiosity to try some tension taming twists...or deeply relaxing turns. 

 Ages 12 and up are invited!

$25 per couple, $17 Walk-in, or Class Pass.

Email Jenny with questions or to pre-sign up 

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Spring Yoga Classes*

-join a class anytime-

Jenny’s regularly scheduled Gentle Yoga classes

Sundays 9AM “Glorious Morning Yoga”

Mondays 7PM “Get in Shape with Yoga”

Tuesdays 6:30-7:30 " Relax with Robyn"

Thursdays 7PM “Twilight Yoga”

Monday & Wed 9:30am Gentle Yoga

* no classes on May 27- Memorial Day

* Thursday, June 20

*Sunday, June 23

See Classes and Prices Page for details

Yoga Tune Up Workshop

SOS for Neck and Shoulders!

You'll LOVE this class!

Saturday June 8, 10AM- 12noon

Join Special Guest Yoga Teacher Cathy Mook for this self empowering workshop of rolling exploring and releasing our upper back, un-text your neck and release the boulders in your shoulders using yoga tune up therapy balls. 

Reserve your spot and payment via credit card on line or day of event with cash or check. 

$30 Cash or Check day off -  $32 Credit Card 

Therapy Balls- LATEX- are available for class and may be purchased after class for $15. 


One Thursday a Month Series 

Mark your calendar " Relaxing"

5/23 Yoga Nidra


6/13 Restorative + Meditation

Evening:  6:30-8pm

Class Pass or  $20 reservations 

$25 at the door

These very special classes incorporate Gentle Yoga sequences, guided meditation, and more!

Check out class descriptions!  

email Jenny to sign up

-space is limited-

"One Thursday a Month" Class descriptions and dates.

Thursday Yoga Classes with Jenny

These special classes are designed by Jenny will help you on your journey to who you are meant to be. Finding inner peace and feeling whole is a life long quest and takes practice. Infusing Yogic wisdom, spirituality, music, psychology, honesty and humor you will be given the tools to choose how you approach life. Bring a pillow and blanket to these classes.    

"Loved the first class on forgiveness, the wisdom has helped me in my daily life"

"Jenny has a great way of sharing from her own experience which I can relate to"

"I definitely felt a shift in my awareness, sign me up for more"

"The beautiful choice of songs helped me center and calm"

"Time stopped and I was in the bliss of the moment"

From a secure place of self love lets practice letting go in every moment so that we may love ourselves and others without hidden attachments.

"Yoga Nidra"

Experience a powerful yoga technique for deep rest, stress relief and rejuvenation. 

Thursday 5/23 6:30-8pm 

Class Pass, reservation $20 or $25 day of class

Bring yoga props, bolster, pillow and blanket.

Yoga Nidra/IREST is done comfortably reclined or seated in a chair. We tune into our breath and follow a guided meditation. Some fall asleep, but your conscious is listening and you will benefit from the practice. It’s often called yogic sleep, because it induces states of mind that are between being asleep and being awake, resulting in deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Most of the elements and principles of yoga Nidra originally come from traditional teachings of yoga and breath awareness. You will love this practice, as you will awaken relaxed, renewed, peaceful & calm. Turn off the stress response and turn on the healing and rejuvenation response with Yoga Nidra. No experience necessary to benefit from this wonderful nurturing practice.

"Restorative + Meditation"

Slow down and relax, open your body as we relax into passive stretches.

Thursday 6/13 6:30-8PM

Class Pass, reservation $20 or $25 day of class

Bring yoga props, bolster, pillow and blanket.

Restorative yoga can be an excellent way to relieve stress and enjoy long, meditative stretches. Have patience and enjoy the stillness of your body and mind. It takes some getting used to, but after a while it becomes easier and you may be amazed at the benefits. No experience necessary, just the willingness to slow down and open to relaxing.

Chakra Essential Oils Yoga

Botanically Inspired Products offered by Michaela Smyth

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Greetings Friends!

Yoga, what's all the hype?

Welcome to Jenny's Gentle Yoga for everybody!

Calling all Baby Boomers, Seniors, retirees, couch potatoes...join us!!

We also offer Yoga Classes for toddlers, Jr Yogis & Tweens!

Increasing flexibility and strength of body, mind and spirit, enhancement of concentration and clarity of mind, release of tension and stress, a greater sense of well-being are just of few of the many benefits of practicing Yoga. Why not find out for yourself and join a gentle Yoga Class with Jenny Smyth. 

Yoga Nidra

All fitness levels, beginners are encouraged to join this class and special populations will benefit from the ageless movements Yoga offers.

I look forward to meeting you.

Love and Peace, Jenny 

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Don't be shy, bring your guy!

"When you are relaxed, all that is highest and

best comes to you as grace."

Yogi Amrit Desai

When Relaxed, your nervous system works at

peak efficiency to help balance and restore harmony to

your body and mind.

See class description page for what to expect. 

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email Jenny to sign up


Ultimate Rejuvenation Cleanse - 3 times a year

For more information

ask Jenny or click here.