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Angels want nothing more than to offer love, comfort, healing and guidance. Although we know they exist, most of us have never actually experienced a true connection and relationship with them.

Join Angel Messenger Teresa Baker-Opland for this unique opportunity to learn about the Angels in our lives. In this inspiring workshop, you will learn what gifts, support and miracles Angels offer. Teresa will explain how they communicate with us and discuss ways to invite them into our life and home.

At the close of this uplifting workshop, you will receive an Angelic attunement as Teresa invokes these loving and powerful light beings so you can experience them for yourself.

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Angels in our Lives, Sun, 11/18, 11am-1pm $40

Join us for Beginner Yoga & Meditation 9-10:30am

a light breakfast will be served from 10:30 - 11AM

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Join a Fall Class

any time pro-rated

Sunday, 10/7


Make a Chakra Bracelet & infuse with Essential oils enjoy yoga & light a dinner

$20 before event

$30 at the door


Join a Fall Class

any time pro-rated

Saturday, December 1  

12 noon


Deeply Relaxing Yoga Class

Essential Oils

Warm Stones

Mini Facial

Healthy Lunch

Shop for gifts or Health & Positivity

Gift Certificates

Sign up for New Years classes

Bring your friends to enjoy this beautiful experience

$20 before event

$30 at the door


Check out all the Fall details here!

Monday, 11/12

10:30 am

Make a Chakra Bracelet & infuse with Essential oils enjoy yoga & light Brunch

$20 before event

$30 at the door


FALL Special Meditation Classes 

Yoga Nidra/IREST Workshops with Jenny

These special classes designed by Jenny will help you on your journey to who you are meant to be. Finding inner peace and feeling whole is a life long quest and takes practice. Infusing Yogic wisdom, spirituality, psychology, honesty and humor you will be given the tools to choose how you approach life. Bring a pillow and blanket to these classes.    

"How to Practice Love Everyday"

Love resides within. Why is love the key to trust, patience, compassion and joy? How do I move past fear, self judgement and negative self talk? When will I meet the love that I am? It is time to begin each day a new with the limitless opportunity to shine your love into the world.

Wednesday 11/28 6:30-8pm


Bring a pillow and blanket.

"Attitude of Gratitude"

One of the secrets to feeling good every day is to practice gratitude, you've heard it a million times. Why is gratitude important and how do I find gratitude in my busy life? Once I find it when and how do I practice? Let us fill our well and share our gratitude for all that life offers.   

Thursday 12/27 6:30-8pm


Bring a pillow and blanket.

Yoga Nidra combines a body scan with breath awareness, and adds a visual and sense component. It’s often called yogic sleep, because it induces states of mind that are between being asleep and being awake, resulting in deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Most of the elements and principles of yoga Nidra originally come from traditional teachings of yoga and breath awareness. You will love this practice, awaking a sense of peace, calm and restfulness. 

email Jenny to sign up today!

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Greetings Friends!

Yoga, what's all the hype?

Welcome to Jenny's Gentle Yoga for everybody!

Calling all Baby Boomers, Seniors, retirees, couch potatoes...join us!!

Increasing flexibility and strength of body, mind and spirit, enhancement of concentration and clarity of mind, release of tension and stress, a greater sense of well-being are just of few of the many benefits of practicing Yoga. Why not find out for yourself and join a gentle Yoga Class with Jenny Smyth. 

Yoga Nidra

All fitness levels, beginners are encouraged to join this class and special populations will benefit from the ageless movements Yoga offers.

I look forward to meeting you.

Love and Peace, Jenny 

Mark your calendar!

Restorative Yoga 


 11/15, 12/13


Thursday Class pass or

$20 Walk-in

bring pillows, blanket, bolsters, eye pillow, what ever you need to be comfortable

Email Jenny with questions

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Don't be shy, bring your guy!

"When you are relaxed, all that is highest and

best comes to you as grace."

Yogi Amrit Desai

When Relaxed, your

nervous system works at

peak efficiency to help balance and restore

harmony to

your body and mind.

See class description page for what to expect. 

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email Jenny to sign up


Ultimate Rejuvenation Cleanse - 3 times a year

For more information

ask Jenny or click here.