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Gentle Yoga Classes

All fitness levels will enjoy these on-going gentle yoga and stretching classes. No experience necessary, just the desire to move and smile. Everyone will enjoy this fun yoga class. Breathing, stretching and moving to music. Perfect class for the beginner to Senior. Offered Monday and Wednesday at 9:30am.
Classes are on-going with class pass offered.
No need to sign up, purchase a class pass and join us!
$140 -12 class pass 
$100 -10 class Seniors
Class pass interchangeable between Mon & Wed 
9:30am Classes

Click here to see what to expect and what to bring to each class.

Join a 12 class session
any time, pro-rated or drop in today! If you miss a class make up by attending any other class any time!

Glorious Sunday morning
Sundays at 9-10:15am

8 Classes $78.75
NEW! Sunday Yoga, Meditation & Yoga Philosophy Exploration will now be part of the same Sunday morning class you have always loved!
Beautiful music, Zen environment, let's move, breathe, stretch and enjoy a beautiful morning as we practice yoga together!
All fitness levels. A perfect start to your week.
Offered Sunday mornings 9AM at Chelmsford Wellness Center

Get in Shape with Yoga
Mondays 7:15-8:30pm 
5/2 – 5/21*
no class on Memorial Day
8 classes $78.75
Interested in trying Yoga? This class explores  yoga for strength and stability. Classes build on one another. Join us for easy to follow instruction in a positive and supportive environment. Practice breath work to increase awareness, yoga postures to encourage flexibility and improve core strength and stability. This full body workout improves your health and well being and leaves you feeling strong, balanced, relaxed and rejuvenated!  
Offered Monday nights

Twilight & Restorative
Yoga Class
Thursdays 7:30-8:45p
5/5 – 6/31
8 classes $90
Enjoy a relaxing environment with soft lighting and calming meditative music. Stretch out, unwind and clear your mind.  This Yoga class is designed to release tensions held in body and mind, reconnect with heart and wisdom, and root back into the perfect time and this beautiful place. Take permission allow your body and soul to completely relax and let will sleep well after class...zzz
Offered Thursday nights 7:30PM

**Restorative Yoga

$20 walk in or Thursday Class Pass
What is Restorative Yoga?
Passive and supported postures sooth the nervous system helping to facilitate healing, balance and calm. Beginners will enjoy this class. All postures are done on the mat with the support of blankets, pillows and towels. We will find the most comfortable, relaxing  positions that work for you to relax into. Adjustments will be suggested. At the beginning of class we will practice a short meditation. Bring: Yoga mat, 2 bed pillows, 2 beach towels & blanket, optional: yoga bolster and eye cover. Forgot your stuff? No worries, we have extras! Email or call Jenny with questions.
Offered once a month:

Student Athletes are welcome!!
Call to arrange a team class! Stop into a class any time

"Everyone should have
the opportunity to
move gently at their
own pace."
-Jenny Smyth, Yoga Teacher

$75 for 5 class pass
$20 Restorative
$17 class drop-in
$10 Seniors
$10 Students

Class location:

 Tranquility Wellness Center
235 Litleton Road 1st floor

RT 110 - Westford


$140 = 12 classes good for Mon & Wed 9:30AM classes
$75 = 5 classes
$100 = 10 classes* for Seniors
$10 per class Students
$17 walk in
Spring Session
8 class session
$90 or $78.75- one class a week
$140- two classes a week
$75- 5 class pass
*join pro-rated any time
Drop-In prices:
$17 Drop-in
$20 Restorative
$10 Seniors
$10 Students
Private sessions available email Jenny for details

Additional Classes

Yoga with Nature  
Zen Walks
Outside Yoga can be a walk in the forest!
All seasons provide the perfect opportunity to practice Yoga outdoors.
There are many benefits in practicing Yoga outside, experiencing a connection to the natural world and the calming affect that being with nature brings. Practicing outside is also great for breathing. When you are taking deep breaths outside, you are taking in fresh air; this is good for bringing plenty of oxygen to the body and increases your energy level. Spring walks are contemplative, lets look for signs of life!
Offered upon request-
call Jenny: 978-256-6540

Private yoga, Meditation  healthy lifestyle classes available by request.
call/text Jenny:
Restorative Yoga
Restorative Yoga
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